What Do You Do When You’ve Been Called an Oreo?

A good amount of us have been called an “oreo,” a term used to describe a black person of being black on the outside and “white” on this inside. We launched the So-Called Oreos Podcast to discuss all the awkwardness, hardship and hilarity of society labeling you an “oreo.”

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Have you been called an “oreo,” a “twinkie,” or been told for some reason you’re not really part of the culture you belong to? Then the So-Called Oreos Podcast is right for you! In 2019, Janae, Kia, Rachel and Amari realized that one of the things they had in common was growing up in majority white spaces and society telling them they were either “too black” or “too white.” We wanted to have a platform to talk more about this identity and to connect people who felt a similar way. The comments and experiences we have around race effect us in so many different ways and we wanted to podcast to be a community for those who felt like they didn’t quite fit the criteria for “being black.”

Since May 2019, the podcast has tackled below the surface issues and conversations within society and the black community such as being black and introverted, the importance of having black teachers, being told you’re pretty for a black girl, comments that you “talk so white,” colorism, dating as a black woman and so much more!

In the very first episode, Kia, Amari, Rachel, and Janae discuss how they came up with the idea for the episode, introduce the podcast segments and give personal stories on being labeled an “oreo” and dodging stereotypes left and right.

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