The Reality of Being a Black Women and Dating Interracially

Dating as a black woman has its on challenges and adding on the issue of being accepted from other culture doesn’t make it easier.

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2 min readJul 27, 2021


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In this episode, the Oreos discuss their different experiences with dating other races and being hit on by guys outside of their race. Out of all of the hosts, Kia explains how she has the most experience dating outside the black community including her 3-year relationship with a man from Poland. She explains the challenges being accepted by his family based off race and the comments she received. Kia also shares the difference of comments from black men compared to men of other races. Janae mentions the comments she received from men complimenting her light skin tone and goes into detail about how that is problematic.

The conversation takes an emotional turn when a famous OK Cupid survey comes up about how black women are considered the least desirable by every race when it comes to dating and dating apps. The discussion sparks the topic of how black men and women treat other when it comes to dating. The hosts explain the hurt they feel when men from their own community make an effort not to date black women and put them down when they choose to date other women. Amari ends with a personal note that even if she is not dating a black man she is always going to be rooting for him.

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