How Do You Build a Life Around Travel and Wellness?

Content Creator Kira West explains how she gets paid doing what she loves

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If I would have known the amount of money influencers make I probably would have not went to college or pursued it full time with intentions to start a business. As much as we hate the word “influencer” these people are working for themselves and probably have to deal with a lot less BS like annoying coworkers and office politics.

Being a content creator might seem like it’s easy but in a competitive market, it takes a lot of time and patience to build and monetize a brand. You have to consistently make content and make sure the ever changing algorithms continue to work in your favor. Once you find your niche, you can put in the work and get paid to do what you love. I wish when I was younger someone would have told me that was a possible career path!

So what is it like actually getting brand sponsorships to travel the world and talk about topics you are interested in? The So-Called Oreos podcast sat down with Kira West to find out. Kira West a content creator, community cultivator, and the founder of ByKwest. Kira’s journey to seek and define balance was intertwined with her desire to define for herself the meaning of wellness. Her experience led her to focus on not only travel but fitness and running. These then became the elements that defined Kira’s idea of wellness.

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On the show, Kira discusses being a black fitness instructor, which allowed her to be on the cover of Self Magazine where she explains why music with the “N word” is problematic in a fitness classes. Kira also talks about how she decided to incorporate her love for fitness, travel and food to create a brand, how to convince family members to eat healthier, and how traveling to Asia warranted many pictures and fascination.

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