Black Girls Want to Love Mess Without Being Judged

Sometimes we want to enjoy the messy content like everyone else! We just don’t want to be labeled “ghetto” or “sensitive” for taking part in it.

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We’ve all played the role of therapist for our loved ones. Whether it’s coaching a friend through a breakup or giving out tips on how to nail an interview. And because we love a bit of mess, we decided to have a segment on the Sufficiently Black Podcast where we answer listener questions!

Over the past few years, we’ve answered listener letters on the podcast about love and dating, careers, friendship, and family. So we decided it was high-time that we clean out our inbox, and let listeners ask their burning questions on socials to bring fans an entire episode full of listener questions.

My favorite question is actually the first in the episode. “How do you take accountability?” I love questions like this because although it’s incredibly vague, I believe it forces listeners (and us) to think of a time where we had to really take responsibility for our actions. In order to answer the question you have to really flex those empathetic muscles, and reflect on a time where you struggled to take accountability.

In this episode, the show starts off by giving an update about the podcast and the issues they have with current “Black” shows on air. Kia, Janae and Amari address how to hold yourself accountable, managing comparison during adulthood, gaining confidence after taking majors Ls and of course ending it on the recent dating app horror stories. We also talk about everything from k-pop idols to managing societal deadlines and really focus on how to stand up for yourself in romantic relationships.

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Rebranded from So-Called Oreos, Sufficiently Black is a show that explores what it means to be comfortable in your Blackness.

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Sufficiently Black Podcast

Sufficiently Black Podcast

Rebranded from So-Called Oreos, Sufficiently Black is a show that explores what it means to be comfortable in your Blackness.

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